Peripatetic Team

We support your child from birth right through to 25 years old. That’s a long time! What your child learns in nursery is very different to what they will do in high school so our support also changes. 

Your child may see different members of the team, sometimes more than one at a time. This is to make sure your child is being supported as much as possible.

You can get in touch with the team by........

Meet the team

Kerry Crozier

VI Support Technician

I support your child and their school by making learning resources – books, exam and assessment papers which have larger writing. I also work with children so they have the correct equipment they need to access their work. 

Rob Oglethorpe,

Specialist Habilitation 

I support your child by teaching them independent living skills  and how to use public transport, such as buses and metros, so they can travel safely on their own. 

Rachel Lambert

Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment (QTVI)

I visit your child in their school or college. I assess your child’s vision and sometimes observe them using their vision in lessons. I support their school or college by giving them advice on how to support your child.

I am responsible for children and young people who are moving from schools into colleges – this is called Post 16.

Jargon busting


Visual impairment

Functional vision assessment



Eligibility criteria

Cert of Vi

Cerebral vi

Assistive Technology

Reasonable adjustments

Answers to common questions

Who will I see at the hospital?

(eye center hyperlink)

You may see an orthoptist and an ophthalmologist – both are types of eye doctors. They will test your child’s vision and discuss their findings with you. 

Your QTVI can also go with you to appointments if you feel you need extra support.

How can I contact you?

Your child will have a dedicated QTVI. They will contact you to let you know who they are and how to contact them.

How often do you see my child?

That depends on the level of your child’s vision. We can see your child weekly, half termly, termly, annually and bi annually.

Do you let me know when you have been to see my child?

We send out a letter once a year – a pupil profile which has a lot of information about your child’s vision and how they use it. The same letter is sent to schools.

We also send out end of year reports in the summer term which shows all of our involvement during the year.


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