Parenting can be really tricky if you and your family aren't getting enough sleep. Read our top tips and find out about our workshops that might help you and your little ones get more rest. 

Top Tips to Help with Sleep

  • No sugar or caffeine after 4pm 
  • Eat ‘sleepy foods’ including cheese, cherries and bananas 
  • Close curtains and dim lights early. Try to make a quiet and relaxing environment 1 hour before bed 
  • No computers/ phones or TV 1 hour before bed 
  • Relaxing activities with your child 1 hour before bed such as reading or drawing
  • Warm baths, warm PJ’s and clean teeth 
  • Stick to the same routine every night
  • Keep ‘bedrooms’ neutral colours and a relaxing space

Our Sleep Workshops (Children age 1 to 19)

If sleep is a difficult issue in your house, you might find our workshop helpful.

 Sleep issues can include;

  • Difficulties getting to sleep at night
  • Difficulties following a routine at night 
  • Waking throughout the night  
  • Not able to self-settle 
  • Not feeling ‘tired’ 
  • Difficulties managing behaviour impacting on sleep
  • Anxiety 
  • Medical conditions impacting sleep
  • Challenging behaviours 

Our workshops are a safe environment to discuss your own personal ‘sleep issues’ with experienced practitioners who don't judge! You'll get tips and advice to support you to make changes in our fun, welcoming and relaxing session. We don't promote leaving your child to cry. 

Get in touch with our family partner team 0191 275 9636 to find out when the next session is. If you have any additional requirements or additional needs, let us know and we can make it easy for you to access our group. 

Sleep support for under 1s

It's normal for babies to wake up lots through the night for fresh nappies, milk, cuddles and reassurance. Some babies sleep through earlier than others, but if you have any concerns or want some advice speak to your health visitor on 0191 282 3319.

ICON; Babies cry, you can cope

Infant crying is normal

Comforting methods can help

It’s OK to walk away

Never, ever shake a baby

For more tips on how to cope with crying, visit the ICON website.

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